What is the difference between an Arborist and a tree lopper?

Tree loppers are often untrained and not educated in correct pruning techniques. They are therefore unable to make informed decisions or give educated advice about your trees. Tree lopping is often sold as a “quick fix” for tree prob-lems but those so called “quick fixes” invariably create more problems than they fix. Tree that are lopped are ex-tremely likely to develop structural faults and become a hazard. Tree loppers are not qualified trained Arborists.

What insurance should an Arborist have?

When you invite a contractor onto your premises, your property insurance does not cover any damage a contractor may cause whilst they are providing a service to you. As M & M Arborist Services, we maintain comprehensive equipment and vehicle insurance and provide not only WorkCover, but $20 million dollar Public Liability insur-ance and also Professional Indemnity insurance to all of our customers. M & M Arborist Services provides Certifi-cates of Currency for all insurances with every quotation we provide.

Can I keep the wood chip from my trees?
Trees and branches are fed into our wood chipping machines and removed from your premises. If you would like to keep the mulch for use on garden beds please request at the time of the quote being prepared. If the truck has been at other jobs prior to you, the mulch will contain chipped up vegetation from other jobs too.
Can I keep the trees as firewood?
Yes, we can cut the trees into smaller sections for your use as firewood. Please mention this to the Arborist at the time of quoting. Sometimes a small additional charge is applicable.
How long does it take to obtain Council permission to remove my trees?
On the Gold Coast, Council presently takes approximately 3 – 4 weeks for the Application to be assessed and a Decision Notice issued.
How long is a local Council Decision Notice valid for?
If your Council Decision Notice has been issued by the Gold Coast City Council it is valid for a period of 12 months from the date on the Decision Notice letter.
Will stump grinding damage underground services?
In Australia, building regulations require underground pipes and service lines to be installed at a depth lower than what our stump grinding machines operate at. As long as no unlicensed contractor has installed services closer to the surface than regulations require, stump grinding will not reach your services.
Why has the stump grinding left a pile
Grindings are deliberately left on site. The pile of soft fluffy root material is required to be heaped up as the grindings will sink down into the hole where the trunk and roots once were. Over a period of time the heap of grindings will flatten out. If grindings are removed you will be left with a hazardous indent/hole. However on occasion, for an additional fee, grindings may be removed from the site.